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Smart public lighting to reduce Brussels' electricity consumption by 20% by 2035

08 April 2021

Grid manager Sibelga and Engie Solutions are installing smart public lighting in the Brussels Region. The lighting devices will be equipped with controllers that can be remotely operated using 4G or a radio frequency network.

This smart lighting project should be fully implemented by 2035. Sibelga will both replace old lighting and fit more of it. There are 12,000 smart lighting devices on the programme for the end of this year.

The controllers, which make it possible to communicate with the lighting devices, are several centimetres tall and are mainly located at the top of the lamp. The communication takes place via mobile phone networks (4G) or via a specific radio frequency network.

This smart lighting allows the light intensity to be adapted for the circumstances: for example, dimming the light in certain places or reinforcing the lighting grid where needed. The real-time information will also make the maintenance of the lighting devices easier.

The targeted deployment of public lighting could reduce electricity consumption in Brussels by 20% by 2035 (i.e. by 1.5% per year). This may also reduce emissions by 4,000 tons of CO2 per year!
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